My Move to the Big City is What I Have Wanted to Do for Years

I had been living in the same boring town for 30 years. I wanted to be in a much larger, urban area with a lot more people, more cultural activities to take part in and better job opportunities. I had been saving in anticipation for a big move for years, and it was time to do it. I began looking for apartments in Baltimore MD because that is where I wanted to move to. I loved the city during the many times that I had visited it over the years due to all it could offer me and fill my requirements for the things I missed out on for so long.

I could have just taken an hour or two to find a place to live, but I wanted it to be the perfect place for my needs. Read the rest of this entry »

We Can’t Wait to Move to Our New Place

After living in a state where all utilities are included at most apartment complexes, I was not pleased when I learn that my husband I would need to move to another state for work-related reasons. I assumed that we would end up losing a lot of money since so many places do not have utilities included with monthly rent. My husband reminded me that I should not make assumptions and I should take a look at some Hartford CT apartments online to learn more about what the pros and cons are in the new state where we would be living.

My hubby was right, as he often is. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving Closer to Where I Work

When I got a job in Manchester, I knew that I was going to have to find a place to live there. I lived nearly an hour from there when I accepted the job, which meant I was on the road for two hours a day at least, and sometimes more if traffic was horrible. I wanted to look for an apartment for rent in Manchester CT to make life a lot easier on me. I had been thinking about moving there anyway, because I just was not happy where I was.

I went online to look at the different apartment complexes in Manchester, and I found the one I liked most pretty fast. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for a Place Near the Ford Truck Plant

Of course if you are looking for homes for rent in Oklahoma City OK, the place I am looking is probably not the best. People who work at the truck plant outside of OKC are going to want to live close by and right now I am driving close to twenty minutes every morning. That is at a pretty good rate of speed too. It might take some people half an hour to make this drive and I am probably going to get a speeding ticket if I go on like I have been. Obviously you can do a lot of speeding and get away with it up to a point, but I have been doing the exact same thing day after day. The state police almost got me a couple of times, but lucky for me there were a lot of other guys speeding just as much as I was. It is not like they can pull a whole line of cars over. Read the rest of this entry »

I Got a Job As a Courier

So how hard it is to figure out a budget that you can stick to. Right now I have started hunting for cheap apartments in Huntsville AL and the other stuff that I need. I have a job down there, working at one of the aerospace companies as a driver. I hope that I shall eventually get a good truck driving job, but right now I am more like a courier. Instead of driving the big trucks I get the pick up truck and I run around to machine shops and plating shops and that sort of place running errands. It is that simple. It is like your Mom or your Dad sending you to the store to pick up a loaf of bread or a jug of milk. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting an Apartment in Huntsville

Not that long ago, I was living at an apartment complex that did not require a lease. That should have made me happy, but I was paying too much every month. I decided that I would rather look at cheap apartments in Huntsville AL and have to sign a lease rather than pay an inflated price for not having one. It wasn’t as if I was planning on moving around a lot anyway. Once I made that decision, I started my search online. There are a lot of different apartment complexes in the region, so I knew that looking online would help to narrow down all of the choices.

It did not take me long at all to find exactly what I was looking for. Price had to be my main consideration, but it was not the only one. I also wanted to live in an area that was safe and was also accessible to most anything I would need. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreclosures in Texas

According to the National Foreclosure Report released by CoreLogic in August 2014, Texas foreclosure rates have been on the decline. But a large number of households continue to be at risk. The number of homes that are currently going through the foreclosure procedure is about 0.7%, which is a 1.0% decrease compared to the previous year. These figures are promising because the national foreclosure rate currently stands at 1.6%. States like New Jersey have reported a higher inventory rate at about 5.8%, which is considered the highest in the United States at the moment. However, even with the low inventory rate, Texas is ranked at 3rd position among states that have the highest number of foreclosed homes. The state has a large number of total foreclosures. There were over 36,000 completed foreclosures in 2013. Only Florida had more foreclosures than Texas.

The highest numbers of Texas foreclosed homes were reported in Dallas and Houston. These two metropolitan areas had 6,054 and 8,524 foreclosures respectively. From these statistics it is evident that the low inventory percentage is attributed to the state’s large population but many families are likely to face foreclosure in the future. foreclosure_07

CoreLogic reports that completed foreclosures have risen slightly in the country in September 2014 but the numbers are still lower compared to the record highs in the last 6 years. In August, there were 44,000 foreclosures while 46,000 units were foreclosed in September. This is a 4.7% increase but it is a 32.6% decrease compared to the same period last year. These statistics demonstrate that Texas makes up a large percentage of the national foreclosures.

In 2013, there were more than 47,700 foreclosure notices in Texas. This was a 41.4% decrease compared to 2012 and 46.8% in 2011. About 41,266 residential units initiated the foreclosure procedure in 2013 and this was considered an improvement because it was a 35% decrease compared to the previous year. The state reported about 17,700 completed foreclosures in 2013 and this was a 56% decrease compared to 2012.

Completed foreclosures happen when property is sold at an auction. The property can either be sold to a lender who holds its mortgage or a third party. The foreclosure procedure in Texas is usually very straightforward and short. According to Texas laws, a homeowner who has defaulted on their mortgage can lose their property in as little as 41 days. It is important to note that Texas is one of the non-right of redemption states and this means that a homeowner does not have a chance to reclaim their property once the process has occurred. This may explain why there may be a larger number of foreclosures in this state. A lender is allowed to initiate the foreclosure procedure once a borrower defaults on their mortgage. A borrower only has 20 days to pay the amount owed once a lender sends a notice before the process is initiated. But it is possible to extend the timeframe by negotiating with the lender.

Foreclosure numbers are still higher than they should be in Texas and this is a worrying trend for homeowners but it creates a good opportunity for those who are interested in purchasing properties at lower prices.